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We are a family-run farm, so we know how important it is to make a family outing a fun experience. We are happy to have everyone bring their children along with them to the patch to enjoy the experience picking and tasting fresh strawberries. Come and enjoy the fresh air and country atmosphere.

This is a third generation strawberry farm, providing fresh, sweet berries to the surrounding area from late June to early July. It all started back in 1946, when Erv’s parents, Elmer and Anna Roehrborn, would take strawberries to the hospital to sell for several years. Current owners, Erv and Rae Roehrborn, have been operating the berry patch for 44 years. Future owners will be our son Andy and his wife Amanda Roehrborn, who plan to keep providing fresh strawberries to the public for years to come. Andy and Amanda have a son, Austin, and he is already wanting to be in the fields. We are hoping Austin will turn this into a fourth generation strawberry farm. Erv and Rae also have a daughter, Linda Roehrborn, who comes home during the season to help.

We grow the best variety of berries for this area. It has good color, taste, and freezing capability. We hand out brochures describing how to care for picked berries, along with a variety of strawberry recipes, including pies, jams, cakes, breads, spreads, drinks, ice cream, salads, and much more...
and don’t forget the chocolate
covered strawberries.

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